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* Refers to figures from January 2013

Features & Prices
Please see below the features that we have developed to allow you to take control of your reviews on Review Centre. Please note that these prices are applicable for small and medium sized businesses with less than 250 employees. For businesses larger than this we have a different pricing plan that takes into account the increased review numbers they may have, and the increased effect that our features may have on their business. See pricing for businesses with more than 250 employees

Business Information Learn More
Add your phone number and postal address.See Example
Let your customers know what you stand for by a posting a statement about your business.See Example
Email Alerts Learn More
Get notified every time you get a new review.See Example
Only get notified about the reviews you want to read.See Example
Get notified every time you get a new commentSee Example
Business Replies Learn More
Reply to your customer’s onsite with distinctive highlighted comments.See Example
Privately contact your reviewers via email.See Example
Adverts and special offers Learn More
Really promote your site address by improving its visibility and frequency on the site.See Example
Want to let our readers know about special offers you’re running? Tell them on your page.See Example
Got something to shout about? Take advantage with our advertising slot.See Example

Features & Prices
Please see below the features that we have developed to allow you to take control of your reviews on Review Centre. Please note that these prices are applicable for larger businesses with 250 or more employees. For smaller businesses we have a different pricing plan that takes into account the reduced number of reviews they may have, and the reduced effect that our features may have on their business. See pricing for businesses with less than 250 employees

Business Information Learn More
Add your phone number and postal address.See Example
Let your customers know what you stand for by a posting a statement about your business.See Example
Email Alerts Learn More
Get notified every time you get a new review.See Example
Only get notified about the reviews you want to read.See Example
Get notified every time you get a new commentSee Example
Business Replies Learn More
Reply to your customer’s onsite with distinctive highlighted comments.See Example
Privately contact your reviewers via email.See Example
Adverts and special offers Learn More
Really promote your site address by improving its visibility and frequency on the site.See Example
Want to let our readers know about special offers you’re running? Tell them on your page.See Example
Got something to shout about? Take advantage with our advertising slot.See Example

FAQ’s for Business Account

Business Account specific

I want to add my product or business to Review Centre. How can I do it?
Great! All you need to do is go to the registration page and enter the information requested and we can automatically set up your page on Review Centre and open your free business account.
My company is already listed on Review Centre, how can I claim my page and open my business account.
Great. All you need to do is go to the registration page and enter your Review Centre page URL, or the business name used on the site and you can get started right away.
Why should I bother opening a business account?
A business account is our way of offering you the chance to really take control of your online reputation on our site. We have a number of features that we are offering which will help you engage further with your clients and improve the experience that they get from your service.
I already have an account that I use on Review Centre. Can I use it to claim my Business Account?
Yes. When claiming your item you will be asked to submit an email address and username. If either of these correspond to information that we already have you will need to add the correct password. Your account will then be converted to a Business Account so you can access features. One of the benefits of doing this is that if you then buy the ‘Official Business Response’ feature all previous Business Responses will also be converted and given the highlighted styling.
Do I have to pay to have a business account with Review Centre?
No. By claiming your company page you will still be able to use many of the functions within in the business account area, such as editing your company logo and reading and reporting your reviews free of charge. There are of course additional paid for features.
What features will I get for free with a business account?
Complimentary features include. Ability to read your reviews, comments all in one place in a simple format; ability to edit your company profile including adding images to your page; easy reporting of your reviews for investigation.
What kind of features do you have and how much do they cost?
See the full details of the features available in our price list
Are your features sold in packages so I have to pay for tools that I don’t even want?
No, we recognise that all businesses are different and some of the features that we have developed won’t be for you. For this reason we created our features as individual plug-ins. You can mix and match and choose whichever combination you like.
How will payment work?
Our price list shows the monthly costs for each feature. . When you sign up for a feature your first payment will be prorated so that the feature works immediately, and you are only billed for the part of the month that you have used. When the new month rolls over you will be charged the full amount for a month’s use.
Will I be tied into a long contract?
No. The purchase of features will be on a rolling month by month basis. Once you decide to buy a feature, additional payments will be taken automatically each month, and at any point you can cancel the feature. You will be able to use the tool for the remainder of the month you’ve paid for before it is switched off.
Will I be able to pay to get all the negative reviews removed from my profile?
Afraid not! Our complaints process will work in the same way that it always has. You will always be welcome to report reviews to us and we will withdrawn those reviews to ensure their validity. Should we be satisfied of the veracity of the review we will reinstate it to the site.
I have purchased a feature that I no longer want. How do I get rid of it?
Simply log into your account, find the feature that you wish to cancel on your ‘account details’ page and click to remove. All payments are made on a monthly basis and are non refundable which means that if you chose to cancel in the middle of the month, you will still be able to use the feature that you have purchased for the rest of the month.

Feature specific

Business information
I have bought the business summary feature. Will I be able to include my contact and website details in my text?
Unfortunately not. This feature is for you to tell our readers and your potential customers a little about your business, your ethos and what kind of experience they can expect if they choose to use your service If you wish to display details so that our members can get in touch with you the ‘contact details’ and ‘website link’ features will allow them to do this.
Email Alerts
Why do I want to be notified about new reviews and comments?
Consumers are increasingly turning to online communities to find out more information about companies and products. They are also looking to the internet to voice their opinions of service that they have received. Having alerts set up so that you get a notification when a new review or comment is left means that you can stay on top of the feedback that your company is getting in real time. It means that you are more likely to recognise the situation that the customer is describing, and more likely to be able to contact them quickly to help if they are having problems. This in turns shows other potential customers reading the page the high level of commitment that you show to your customers. It’s a win-win situation.
What is the benefit of configuring alert settings?
Not all reviews are going to matter to you in the same way. If you are getting a large number of (we hope) positive reviews, do you really want notifications clogging up your inbox? The review alert configuration feature allows you to set a star rating for reviews that you want to know about. Want to know about any customers that have had a problem with your service and left a rating of 2 stars or below? You can set this on the Email Alerts page so you are only alerted to these high priority reviews.
Business Replies
I own the ‘Official Business Response’ feature, will my replies be shown on my item page?
Yes. If a Offical Business Response is left on a review the first 200 words will show directly underneath. It the response is longer than this there will be a clearly marked 'read more' button which if clicked will show the entire comment.
I already use the old commenting feature to leave replies to my customers. Can I convert these in to the highlighted Official Business Responses?
Yes. If you claim your item with the same login details that you currently use, your account will become a business account. You just then need to purchase the Official Business Response feature and all historical comments will be converted into official responses.
I have purchased the direct email feature. Does this guarantee that the reviewer will respond to me?
The vast majority of our reviewers register a valid email address with us and this will be used to contact them with your message. Unfortunately this is not a guarantee that they will respond. Some reviewers may not wish to get in touch and might prefer to protect the anonymity they would lose by contacting you. We cannot force them to reply to emails. However, if following on from your initial contact you do not receive a response and are suspicious of the review, you can report it to us and it will be withdrawn while we seek to verify it.
If I pay for the direct email feature will I have access to all of the email addresses of my reviewers?
No, your email will be sent via our secure system to the reviewer so technically the email will be from us. However, and this will be made clear to the reviewer, should they hit the ‘reply’ button they are opening a channel of communication directly with you and we will no longer be involved. Our members email addresses remain protected until they make the choice to communicate with you.
Adverts and Special offers Promote your website address
Does the URL I add here have to point to my home page?
Not at all. If you are running a promotion and want to direct users to another page, this can be changed on the adverts and special offers at any time. When you buy this feature it will point to the website address that you have given us by default.
Display Special offers
Am I limited how often I change my special offers?
No. You can change this feature as often as you like. A new offer every week? Every day? Every hour? Complete flexibility for you.
Advertise on your page
Can Review Centre create an advertisement to go here?
Unfortunately not. To take the maximum advantage of this feature you need to design a jpeg, gif or png file of 600x100px and then upload it to the offers and adverts page.
Can I add any image that I want to this area?
No. All images will be moderated to ensure that they meet certain standards. If a image is found to have been added which contravenes our terms of use it will be removed without warning.

General queries

I want to see the details of members who have reviewed my company, can you give them to me?
We are bound by the Data Protection Act and as such we are not allowed to pass on information that may assist you in identifying reviewers who have decided to post anonymously, or who you cannot identify. Features we are now offering such as official business responses and direct emails to your reviewers make it much easier for you to use our site to get in contact with your customers.
I want to remove my company from Review Centre completely.
As Review Centre is a user generated site, many of our listings are added by our members. We do not remove listings, however we are happy to investigate reviews that you believe may break our guidelines.
I have a negative overall rating, what can I do about it?
Read the reviews. Review Centre is an extremely valuable tool to get feedback from your customers. There may be some recurring themes in the reviews or they may identify specific problems with your service. Read the reviews and use them to change for the better.
Engage with your reviewers. Use our business response and direct emailing features to resolve their issues, thank them for feedback and to show the world what a customer focused business you are!
Encourage reviews. We have 3 very simply reviews for you to follow if you are going to try and get a higher percentage of your customers to leave your feedback.
  1. All reviewers must be given the same opportunity to leave their feedback, not just those that you know are likely to leave you a positive review.
  2. If you are thinking about incentivising your customers to review, any gift, prize or discount cannot be linked to their leaving you a positive review. All reviewers must be give equal opportunity to benefit.
  3. The wording of your contact with your customer should make absolutely clear that you are requesting feedback about the service that you provide, not just positive comments.
If we find that any of these rules have been broken we will take action to make sure that all of our members are aware of the indiscretion.
Can I respond to a negative review so that others will see my comments?
Absolutely, we encourage businesses to engage with reviewers by using our business response feature. Click on the link for more information.

Features and prices explanation page

Below is a detailed explanation of each business account feature that we currently offer.

Don’t forget that if you have any questions you can always contact us.

Business information

Consumers come to review sites looking for information that is going to help them to make a purchase. Adding extra details about your business on your item page is one way of ensuring that they can easily find you and complete their purchase. It also allows members to be certain that they are reading reviews about the correct company. We offer several ways to make sure our readers can find you.

Contact details - The basic business information package allows you to enter your phone number and postal address to be displayed on your Review Centre profile page. See Example

Website link – We live in a digital age and most companies have a website. The extended business information package allows you to have a link on your review page back to you website making it easy for our readers to find your business. See Example.

Business summary – Savvy consumers look at review sites to see what kind of service they can expect to receive from a company. Adding a business summary to your review page is a great way to introduce your company and let readers know what you’re all about. It can also be an opportunity to head off potential negative reviewers before they submit, by prompting them to contact you and give you a chance to rectify any issues that they might have had. See Example.

Email Alerts

You’re busy. You have a business to run, and while you understand the importance of looking after your online reputation, who has time to check review sites multiple times a day? Well thanks to email alerts this will no longer be a problem. You will simply be notified every time you get a review or comment added to your page.

New review alerts – You receive an email notification every time a review is added to your profile. See Example.

New comment alerts – You receive an email notification every time a comment is added to your profile. See Example.

Configure alert settings – You might not rank all reviews you receive with the same level of importance. If you are getting a large amount of reviews every single day it could become a distraction having your inbox overflowing with emails alerting you to this. With this feature you can configure the settings so that you only get told about the review you want to know about. For example, you have set your alerts so that you’re informed of any review that goes live with a less than 2 star out of 5 star rating. You receive the email and can immediately start trying to assist the customer. Early alerts mean that in a matter of hours the problem could be sorted with the reviewer in contact with us to let us know that their review can be amended due to your swift response. See Example.

Business Replies

Some businesses take the attitude, “Why should I waste my time responding to reviews”? Well increasing numbers of companies are recognising the benefit of replying to their customers on review sites for several reasons.

Thanking your customers for leaving their positive review is a great way of reaffirming the great experience that they have just had. Equally, explaining your disappointment when you have not been able to satisfy a customer also goes a long way to show other potential customers that you are a company that cares, and will learn from mistakes when made. It also gives you a chance to try and rectify any situation. Of course there may also be times when you and your client just cannot agree, and we believe that it is only fair that our readers are able to see both sides of any story and make an informed decision.

Official business response – Official responses will be displayed on our site next to the review. These responses will be highlighted prominently above other comments and the reviewer will be notified that a response has been made. See Example.

Directly email reviewers - This feature allows you to contact your reviewers directly and privately. Some issues might be too confidential to discuss in public. This gives you the opportunity to write a private message to your customer to try and resolve any concerns that they may have with the service that they have received. See Example.

Adverts and Special offers

Online marketing is an affordable way for you to get your message out to consumers. The importance shoppers are increasingly placing on impartial advice and information means that we are in a great position, with over3 million visitors coming to our site every month, to host your ad and get it out to a large audience. Adding an advert to your item page is a great way to drive customers to your site.

Promote your website address – Improve the visibility of your website address with this feature. Your URL with appear in a larger block on the right hand side of your item page, and also when your company comes up in search on the site. See Example.

Display special offers – Our special offers feature sits at the very top of your page letting our readers know about any offers that you are running. Your offers can be changed as often as you like allowing you to run weekly or even daily specials to target specific events. See Example.

Advertise on your page – Grab the attention of our readers with a 600 x 100 advertisement on your page. The graphic must be static but can contain a link back to your site. See Example

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add website address, phone number, street address, create adverts, display special offers
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Manage your listing
get email alerts, customise your page, add a summary about your business

Claiming your business is simple - just click here and follow the simple steps to claim your business. Then, once claimed benefit from the free services & explore some of our exciting new paid for services.

Make your response to clients reviews really stand out with Official Business Responses

Our members tell us all the time that they love it when the businesses that they review use our site to get in touch with them, be it to thank them for the great feedback, or to try and help them when they hit a snag. Official Business Responses will make your comments stand out from the crowd!

Improve customer service and experience
Show your customers that you care about their expiriences by thanking them or offering to help if things have not gone right.
Attract new business by showing our readers how you value your customers
People come to our site to learn what companies are really like. Being seen to respond quickly, efficiently and politely to your customers will attract them to you.

This feature and many others are available to buy in our business account area. This new part of the site has been created specifically for businesses to give you the best opportunity to manage your reviews and build a strong online reputation. Privacy Policy


Review Centre Ltd (''we'', ''our'' or ''us'') is committed to protecting the privacy of our members. The Privacy Policy is intended to inform You how we gather, define, and utilise Your information. The information we gather can include:

    • name / username;
    • in the case of a business, your business name;
    • in the case of a business, your phone number;
    • your computers IP address;
    • email address;
    • your chosen password;
    • your review or comment content

(together, the ''Information'').

It is also intended to assist You in making informed decisions when using our Website and our products and services. Please take a minute to read and understand the policy.

All Your Information shall be held and used in accordance with the relevant Acts (the ''Act'') where applicable. If You want to know what Information we collect and hold about You, or you would like your information amended or removed, please write to us at: Review Centre, Wallis House, 27 Broad Street, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1AU, United Kingdom.

Review Centre Ltd is the data controller of Your Information for the purposes of the Act.

What Information Do We Collect?

When You visit our Website You may provide us with the following types of information:

  • Information, as listed above, that You provide to us on an individual basis during Registration or when posting user reviews or comments on the Website. In addition, if You choose to correspond with us by email, we may retain the content of Your email messages together with Your email address and our responses; and
  • usage information collected as You and others browse our Website;
  • information provided by You to us in surveys that we use for research purposes (although You do not have to respond to them).

We maintain the highest standards of security, however the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Any transmission is at Your own risk. Once we have received Your Information, we will use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorised access.

We may collect information about your computer, including where available your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and to report aggregate information to our advertisers. This is statistical data about browsing actions and patterns and does not identify any individual.


Similar to other commercial websites, our Website uses a standard technology called ''cookies'' and web server logs to collect information about how our Website is being used.

  • Cookies, in conjunction with our web server’s log files, allow us to calculate the collective number of people visiting our Website and work out which areas of the Website are most popular. This helps us to constantly improve our Website and better serve you, our users. 
  • By continuing to use and browse our website you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. Find out more about our Cookies Policy.
  • We use ''session'' cookies which enable You to carry information across pages of the Website and avoid having to re-enter information. Session cookies enable us to compile statistics that help us to understand how the Website is being used and to improve its structure. We also use ''persistent'' cookies which remain in the cookies file of Your browser for longer and help us to recognise You as a unique visitor to the Website, tailoring the content of certain areas of the Website to offer You content that matches Your preferred interests.
  • You can refuse to accept cookies by changing the settings on Your browser which allows You to refuse the setting of cookies. However, if You select this setting You may be unable to access certain parts of the Website. Unless you have adjusted Your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when You login to the Website.

How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?

We use Your Information in the following ways:

  • to ensure that content from our Website is presented in the most effective manner for You and Your computer;
  • to help us identify the existence of potentially fake reviews;
  • to notify You about any changes to our service;
  • to contact You in accordance with Your authorisation as expressed via ‘opt-ins’ at the point of Registration.

Except as set out below and as expressly authorised by You via \"opt-ins\" we do not disclose information about identifiable individuals to our advertisers, but we may provide them with aggregate information about our users (for example we may inform them that 500 men in the London area have clicked on their advertisement on any given day). We may also use such aggregate information to help advertisers reach the kind of audience they want to target (for example Women in SW1).

Third-party companies may collect and use information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, please visit

We may disclose Your Information to any member of our group, which means our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company and its subsidiaries, as defined in section 736 of the Companies Act 1985.

We may pass Your Information to other third party organisations:

  • if we buy or sell any business or assets in which case we may disclose Your Information to the seller or buyer of such business or assets;
  • if we are under a duty to disclose or share Your Information to comply with any legal obligation or in order to enforce or apply our terms and conditions and other agreements or protect the rights, property, or safety of our customers, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction; and
  • in accordance with Your authorisation as expressed via ''opt-ins'' at the point of Registration.

You have the right to ask us not to process Your Information for marketing purposes. You can exercise Your right to prevent such processing by checking certain boxes on the forms we use to collect Your Information. You can also exercise the right at any-time by contacting us using the ''contact us'' function of the website or by writing to us at the address at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.

Please note that by posting any Information in any publicly accessible area of the Website such Information may be viewed and collected by third parties over which we have no control. We are not responsible for the use of Information by such third parties. Please therefore exercise all due care and consideration before disclosing any Information that will be accessible on public areas. We strongly recommend Registered Users keep postings anonymous and avoid disclosing Information that may be used to identify You.

How Can You Access and Correct Your Information?

You may request access to all Your Information that we collect online and maintain in our database by contacting us using the ''contact us'' function on the site or by writing to us at the address above.

How Can You Remove Your Information?

You may request that all Your personal information (such as name or email address) is completely and permanently removed from our service / systems at any time.  Please use the 'contact us' section to write to us to request this or write to us at the above address.

Your Consent

By using our Website You consent to our collection and use of Your Information as described in this Privacy Policy. If we change our privacy policies and procedures, we will post those changes on our Website to keep You aware of what Information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it.

Where we store Your information & for how long?

The Information we collect from You is not transferred to and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that Your Information is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In addition to this, we store your information for as long as your review is on our website or you ask us to remove your information.  The reason for this is so that we can contact you should someone question your review in the future.

What about other websites linked to our website?

We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or from our Website, nor the information or content contained therein. Often links to other websites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to the users of our Website.

Please remember that when you use a link to go from our Website to another website, this privacy policy is no longer in effect. Your browsing and interaction on any other website, including websites which are linked to ours is subject to that website's own rules and policies.

All purchases are non refundable.

Services purchased from Review Centre’s business account area roll over on a monthly basis. If you wish to cancel a feature that you have purchased this can be done at any time but the feature will remain functional until the expiry of your subscription. For example if you purchase a feature on the 15th of a month and at a later time decide to cancel the service on the 20th, you will continue to receive access to the feature until the 15th of the following month when your subscription will not be renewed.


The following terms (hereafter known as the “Terms”) must be accepted and will be applied to all businesses or organisations (hereafter know as the “Customer”) who use services supplied by (hereafter known as the “Provider”). The acceptance of the Terms by both parties as a whole is hereafter known as the “Agreement”.

  1. 1. Acceptance
    1. 1.1. Acceptance of these Terms become effective from the point that the Customer checks the appropriate box on our web form and clicks ‘accept’.
    2. 1.2. The Terms are applicable for the duration of the period in which the Customer continues to pay for services offered by the Provider.
  2. 2. The Provider’s obligations
    1. 2.1. The Provider shall offer the following services to the Customer:
      1. 2.1.1. A review page for the Customer enabling consumers to submit a review and a star rating score on the Provider’s website
      2. 2.1.2. The option to add a company logo or image to the Customer’s review page free of charge
      3. 2.1.3. Any additional features paid for by the Customer to the Provider
    2. 2.2. The Provider shall offer support to the Customer via [email protected] 2.3. The Provider shall not be liable and will not be held responsible for consumer conduct in the course of using the Provider’s service, this includes the content published by the consumers
  3. 3. The Customer’s obligations
    1. 3.1. The Customer shall be obliged to comply with these Terms and the Guidelines in force at all times
    2. 3.2. The password and account created by the Customer to use the services provided by the Provider shall only be used by and for the Customer
    3. 3.3. The Customer shall be entitled to request consumers to submit reviews on the Provider’s website. Such requests must comply with section 1 of the Guidelines.
  4. 4. Impartiality

    These Terms shall not be deemed to be an endorsement, authorisation or support of the Customer or the Customer’s products or services by the Provider. The Customer must not make such assumptions based on this Agreement and must not promote itself in conflict with the above.

  5. 5. Changes of the Guidelines

    The Provider shall be able to make amendments to the Guidelines and the most updated version will be available on the Provider’s website. The most updated version will automatically be part of the Terms. The Customer accepts that by agreeing to these Terms this is also deemed to be an acceptance of variations made to the Guidelines.

  6. 6. Termination
    1. 6.1. Any Material Breach of the Terms gives the Provider the right to terminate the Agreement effective on written notice.

      Material Breach of the Terms shall be breach of the Guidelines, section 1.1. and 4.

    2. 6.2. The Provider shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement if the Customer is deemed to communicate with the consumer in an abusive or inappropriate manner. Abusive or inappropriate conduct is to be determined by the Provider.
    3. 6.3. The Customer shall not be entitled to a refund if the Agreement is terminated due to a breach of the Terms or Guidelines or if the Customer cancels the Provider’s service.
    4. 6.4. Upon any termination of the Agreement, both parties shall be discharged from any obligations under the Terms. Any use of the Provider’s service after termination shall be deemed an unauthorised use and shall entitle the Provider to seek injunctive relief.
  7. 7. Indemnity

    The Customer agrees to compensate the Provider and applicable third parties in full from and against all third party claims, liabilities, losses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) suffered by such persons arising out of, or related to or which may arise from content provided by the Customer that infringes intellectual property rights of a third party or violates the law, the Terms or the Guidelines.

  8. 8. Limitation of liability and disclaimer
    1. 8.1. The Provider is entitled to make any modifications and updates to the service as and when required without notice or liability. The Provider is entitled to suspend or withdraw the service at any time without notice or liability.
    2. 8.2. To the fullest extent permissible by law, the Provider shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, loss or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
    3. 8.3. All warranties, terms, conditions and representations that might otherwise be implied by law in relation to the Provider shall be excluded and disclaimed, to the fullest extent permissible by the law.
    4. 8.4. These Terms shall not exclude the Provider’s liability for:
      1. 8.4.1. Death or personal injury arising through negligence
      2. 8.4.2. Fraudulent misrepresentation and/or
      3. 8.4.3. Any other provision that cannot be excluded or limited under English law
    5. 8.5. If any liability is incurred by the Provider, arising from or in connection with the Terms, it shall be limited to either the fee paid to the Provider for this service in the previous 12 months prior to the cause of action or the fee that has accumulated thus far if the Customer has had the service for less than 12 months.
  9. 9. Transfer

    The Customer’s obligations and rights under this Agreement cannot be transferred to any third party unless written consent is obtained from the Provider. The Provider can transfer the Terms agreed in this Agreement to a third party without consent providing the Customer is made aware of such a transfer.

  10. 10. Intellectual property rights

    All information, images and other content displayed on the Provider’s website (“Materials”) must be used strictly in accordance with the Terms or with consent from the Provider. Under this Agreement the Customer may use the Materials in its marketing and on its website unless the Provider objects to such use. We expressly reserve all intellectual property rights in the Materials. Infringement of the Materials will entitle the Provider to pursue legal remedy in accordance with the applicable legislation. Any reviews for the Customer may be displayed on the Customer’s website or on promotional material.

  11. 11. Confidentiality

    The Terms agreed shall remain confidential and must not be disclosed by either party to any third party. All information related to and concerning the Terms, the relationship and any undertakings will remain confidential. Both parties can stipulate that any related information remains confidential if they feel it is necessary. This section applies after the termination of the Agreement regardless of the reason for termination. Any information that must be made public or published in any other form that is in accordance with the law is exempt from this section.

  12. 12. Severability

    If any section, any part of a section or any other provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced by any rule of law, the rest of the section and/or the Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force.

  13. 13. Entire Agreement

    The Terms agreed between the parties will take precedence over any prior agreements made between the parties and will be considered the entire Agreement between the Customer and the Provider.

  14. 14. Applicable law and venue

    English law governs the Agreement and disputes arising from the Terms and the way the Customer uses the Provider’s service shall be settled in the English courts.


These guidelines (hereafter known as the “Guidelines”) apply to the way the Customer uses the services supplied by the Provider.

  1. 1. Requesting consumers to submit reviews of the Customer

    If the Customer would like to invite consumers to review their service or product they must abide by the mandatory rules below:

    • a) When requesting a review about the Customer’s product or service from consumers, the Customer shall ensure this request is made universally to all consumers.
    • b) The request to submit a review shall not be made selectively to certain consumers
    • c) The invite shall request a review in a neutral manner regardless of whether their experience with the Customer was positive or negative
    • d) The Customer shall not use language in the invite that attempts to influence the consumers review or that aims to target specific types of consumers
    • e) The reviews are not submitted from the Customer's company premises
  2. 2. Consideration in connection with requesting a review

    The Customer shall not offer consideration or a reward for posting a review on the grounds that it is a positive or negative review of the Customer. It shall be made clear to the consumer that the consideration or reward is not conditional upon a positive or negative review.

  3. 3. Conduct of the Customer

    When using the Provider’s service, the Customer shall not communicate with the consumers in a way that is considered by the Provider to be abusive, discriminatory, threatening, intimidating or inappropriate.